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Menu of the restaurant

Starters :
Salad of Saint Jaques
Foie gras accompanied by its caramel of banyulse, chutney of fig
Ravioles of duck
Apple with the furnace mouthful of droppings of chavignol
Pot of smoked salmon

Dishes :
Calf head in a casserole
Mouse of lamb
Filet mignon of pig
Wing of line with a mint cream

Cheese selection

Desserts :
Melting of chocolate, accompanied with its coconut ice cream
Cream burned with vanilla
Crusty chocolate– banana
Carpaccio of pineapple

Menu of the pub

Example of a menu of the day

Starter : Leeks vinaigrette
Dish : Calf rolls "à la provençale"
Dessert : Roast banana barrel

Our carte :
Salad of droppings to the ham chips 5€50
Farm salad, let us croûtons, gizzards, plugs 5€90
Southern slice of bread (tomato, mozzarella, pistou, dry ham) 6€90
Roasted rib steak, potatoes and salad 10€90
Roasted andouillette sauce mustard 8€90
Cheese plate and its salad bed 3€90
Cheese-making with sugar or grass and shallots 2€90
Tart tatin 3€50
Fruit salad scented with strawberry 3€20
Freeze or sorbet 3 balls 4€50


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