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5 Pays du Cher :

With its 7 310 km2, the Cher represents 19% of the Region of Centre.
The departmental land is divided into 35 cantons and 290 communities.
Of unequal sizes, urban and rural, each one has its singularities and attractions. The "canton" is a territory division of the Department,
composed of several communities, sometimes only one community
(in the case of big cities). The cantons are named after name of the
"chef-place", generally, the biggest city of the canton.

The Berry, being part of the Cher, was during a long time the heart
of France's history.

From Louis XI to Talleyrand, the kings and princesses have marked
their memory in theses lands in a white rock, ocre and rose :
numerous castles that gave birth to historical routes, starting
from the "Route Jacques Cœur".

Pays de Vierzon :

Country of Vierzon: The Country of Vierzon, situated
in the northwest of the department, marks the limits
of the Champagne and Sologne.
This country is an industrial pole, marked by
activities such us metallurgic, mechanics and
ceramics. With 7 000 tonnes per year, The Berry
is the first region in France for its ceramics production.
The Country of Vierzon counts with 48 856 inhabitants
grouped in 4 cantons representing 24 communities.
The main city is Vierzon, which counts with 30 743

Office de tourisme de Pays de Vierzon

Neuvy-sur-Barangeon :

The community of NEUVY SUR BARANGEON is part
of the community of te cities of "Forest of Sologne".

The local people are called the "Neuvycéens Barangeonnais".

General Information :
Population : 1225 habitants
Area : 6734 hectares

Official website of the city : Neuvy sur Barangeon


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