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Trekking paths : The Cher counts with 345 km of a VTT route

Trekking paths : Centre Bourb on the left side on the road of Ménétréol or with 800m,
the right side on the road of Nançay by the Stage of the Country cottage.

Hunting and fishing

The practice of hunting is tighlty related with a forest envoironement. In the Region of the Centre, the hunting culture
is largely developped. The non-hunters appreciated the meeting with the nature and the savage fauna.
The sectors where this activity is most intense are :
- for the deer: the Sologne, in particular in its north-western and south-eastern parts, the north of Indre and the Loire,
a part of southern Gâtine tourangelle, Brenne
- for the roe-deer: the Pole, a great part of Indre and the Loire, the Sologne, especially in its north-western part, Orléanais. The development of the populations of large animals modified the practice of hunting. It is in particular the case
in the Sologne, formerly field of pheasants and ducks, but also in the areas of plain where the shooting
with ball of the roe-deer implies modifications in the behavior of the hunters and the installation of watchtowers,
encouraged by the federations of hunters.

Hunting Association
9, route de Salbris
Tél. / Fax 02 48 51 82 72
Monsieur BADIN
Lieu dit Pont-Egaré
Tél. 02 48 51 14 08

Etang de la Noue à l'Eau - Route de Bourges
Etang de la Boulasse - Route de Vouzeron
Etang du Moulin Gentil (carpodrome)
La Maison de l'eau

Cultural activities

La Maison de l'eau
Within the authentic and green framework of the Maison de l'eau, explore the
evolution of time during seasons and observe the multiple richnesses and
stakes of water, source of life and energ

Openning Days and hours :
from 1st march to 31 october from tuesday to sunday, from 9h to 12h and
from 14h tot 18h

Rates : Individual : 6 € / Schools– 16 ans : free
Groups : 5€
Lenght of the visiti: 2h

Le Hameau des Automates  Website

This site will hold for you full with surprised with animations with automats, on ludic and historical topics, and in particular
a spectacle on Venice clarifying more than 50 automats. Have fun then thanks to an interactive play and one stroll in the
small train.

Lastly, small and large, discover the spectacle full with humour of the pigeons stuntmen, put in scene in a village solognot.

Openning days and hours :
Individuals : from 14h30 to 19h (expect for mondays)

Shox hours :
- Carnaval de Venise at 15h and 17h30
- Les pigeons cascadeurs au village de Sologne at 16h

Rates :
Individuels :
Adults : 11€
Children from 5 to 12 years old : 9€
Groups :
Adults : 9€
Children : 5€
Lenght of the visit : 2h30

Le Musée d'Histoire Militaire, L'Historimage :
This museum presents a retrospective of the military history, 1st world war with the
war of Kossovo. The neat museography immerses you in a universe of memory.
Let be moved by its upsetting atmosphere. It is a question of creating a very
spectacular attraction and with strong notoriety. The concept of the "large carrousel"
will be unique in France. Historimage aims to become one of the very first military
museums of France. It will be the only one to devote itself to the evocation of all the
wars of the XXème century. Like the majority of the other museums of this type, it is
not only one memorial, but the purpose of it is to promote universal peace.
Lenght of the visit: 2h30


Hôtel / Restaurant - 2 place de la Mairie - Tél : 02 48 51 20 94 - Fax : 02 48 51 89 01 - Email :